5 Reasons You Need An SEO Analyst On Your Team

August 18, 2020

It is believed that humans are naturally born curious. This quality even taught us to discover and learn new things to survive. This trait can never be outgrown. In fact, most people still have this urge to search and find the answer to any vague ideas or questions they might encounter. With the continuous growth of our technology and Internet availability, it is now made it convenient to have these answers in just one snap. Thanks to our all good applications and data.

It is pretty amazing how these people manage and monitor these from the backend. In order to have positive user experience while using search consoles for Keyword research or Webpage browsing, SEO professionals in Phoenix, Arizona have been responsible for utilizing data analysis to improve match results. With the overflowing need for these services on a daily basis, SEO Analysts have made their mark in society and become one of the most in-demand freelancing roles in the United States.

Before we get to the good stuff,  it will be best to answer these questions first to give you a better understanding of the above subject line: What is SEO? What do SEO Analysts do? What is their significance in today's new generation of workforce?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is focused on optimizing sites in order to get traffic and rank your website from organic (free) search results. On the other hand, the goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is commonly mistaken for SEO, is to get traffic and visibility from both organic(free) and paid search.  (see also SEO vs SEM)

In reference to that, SEO Analysts, who are usually mixed up with SEO Specialists,  are concerned with the analysis of data related to SEO. The role requires expertise in statistics, analytics, advanced Excel, and certain programming languages; as well as good all-round SEO knowledge.

To give you more idea about the job, below is a sample Job description for SEO Analysts.

  • Preparing Initial Site Analyses and Benchmarking reports
  • Preparing timelines for client Marketing campaigns
  • Business Meetings with clients to discuss Marketing strategies
  • Ongoing campaign assessment and refinement
  • Sending off Reporting campaign progress at regularly
  • Assist QA work done by other teams to ensure the highest quality marketing for clients
  • Implement best practices for SEO and SEM on client sites in order to drive rankings and ROI
  • Outstanding organizational, time management and communication skills
  • The ability to multitask and set a work schedule for maximum efficiency
  • Significant SEO/SEM knowledge and the ability to set SEO strategy
  • The ability to read and interpret HTML code and work with the Microsoft Office and Google Suite products
  • Experience with various Analytics tools to perform SEO analysis(google analytics, MOZ)
  • The ability to use Webmaster Tools available to devise long term strategies for SEO/SEM
  • Knowledge of HTML, web design, PPC(Pay per Click), also known as paid search,  management, and social media are highly preferred.

Now, we're done with the overview. Let's proceed with the last question. What is the significance of these professionals in today's new generation of workforce? Most importantly, why would your organization need an SEO Analyst? Below are the 5 reasons why an SEO Analyst is a must-have in your team. T-H-I-N-K.

1. Taking control of how you will entice your targeted audience to pay attention

SEO Analysts do strategic planning and act on any opportunities to get your targeted audiences'  attention. They utilize the Content Marketing team to come up with appealing ads relatable to the public.

2. Helps promote business and branding.

Hiring an SEO analyst will already give you the same benefit as of paying the services of an Advertising agency. It is because you don’t need to pay for ads in SEO. This is a cost-effective strategy for your organization. If you wish to save $$$ in paying for a team to do the job, why not just extend the team and have one contributor do it.

3. Increase Sales and Profits huge impact on your company’s most important goals, which is increasing your leads and sales.

SEO is widely considered a staple of any marketing strategy. In fact, it will help you rank in search engine programs and get the leads you need. SEO Analysts assist companies with understanding the value of their online presence, where companies could potentially improve the returns from their website, and what types of services would be able to assist in improving their online marketing initiatives.

4. Network Clients, Investors, and Connections will help out to grow the business.

In relation to the above item, aside from increasing your sales leads, SEO generally will help you grow your network from your targeted audience. Since the internet and use of search engines, may it be navigational, informational, or transactional, are widely used nowadays. It is made available everywhere around the world, expanding your market beyond your imagination.

5. Keen on the new trends which will attend to the needs of your audience.

Since our SEO analysts are responsible to track the performance of keywords, rankings, traffic referral sources, they'll be able to identify the trend the search results that will tailor-fit what the users or clients are looking for. With their help, they can make your webpage/website a one-stop-shop for users by using backlinks and reliable references to your content.

These are the reasons why you need to consider having an SEO analyst on your team. Just T-H-I-N-K.

Generally, SEO Analysts find out what works and build on it. They also identify any changes in traffic rankings and investigate the reasons for this.  They are also responsible to assist in content development, focusing more on strategy and analysis.

These professionals have a lot to offer.  They must be creative(for content writing), logical(strategic planning) and computer-savvy(SEO tools and Softwares). Hiring these contributors will be highly beneficial not only to your team but to the whole organization.

As long as we have people who are inquisitive and persistent to learn, our SEO industry will not stop growing. Thus, making it a good investment for any type of institution.


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