Video Production

Nothing tells a story quite like slickly produced video content. Video has the power to connect with the viewer on a visceral level and foster engagement in ways that few mediums can. For many businesses, video can be an essential tool in engaging with and educating consumers.

Professional Production

Our team of highly skilled filmmakers don’t just hastily slap footage together. We work with you to help discover what story your brand needs to tell and how to best convey that visually. We determine how we can use all the tools in our arsenal (RED Digital cinema cameras, green screen, animation, props, locations, sets) before scripting and storyboarding out every detail of the shoot.

Whether the shoot is in your office or on location, with your staff or actors, we do everything we can to make it smooth and painless. Our crew is always professional and efficient, and each shoot is spearheaded by a video director with a clear vision to help materialize your brand’s identity and nail its purpose.


Tell your consumers about the services you provide.


Why does your brand exist? What purpose does it serve?


Entice your audience while visually bringing your Brand Identity to life.

Tell a Story

Use the power of a clear narrative to showcase your products and services.
I hired SLM to make a video for my barbershop and I was blown away by the results. They produced something that was funny, unique, and really showed off my skills as a barber. I would definitely work with them again.
Joe Juarez
Owner, Signature Barbershop

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