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Caris Sports Foundation

Caris Sports Foundation is a Valley-based nonprofit devoted to helping ensure that children from lower-income backgrounds have access to club and team sports. The nonprofit was founded by Racquel McNabb (wife of legendary former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb) and three other Valley moms devoted to making a difference in their community. We were also tasked with creating and managing social media profiles for Caris. Our primary goal there was to educate and inspire. We felt that all of our content should serve one of three key purposes: explain how sports change lives, educate as to the problems kids face regarding access, and inspire with calls to action.

We devised carefully thought-out, never-before-used hashtags like #alldeservetoplay, and designed unique, branded quote and statistic images to intersperse with photos of youth and pro athletes. In addition, we were asked to help plan and execute Caris’ official launch party. In addition to getting thousands of dollars in food, spirits, and auction items donated, we helped devise the guest list, secure the venue (The Scottsdale Airport), and hired the bartenders, photographers, and entertainment. Visually we made sure that the significance of Caris’ cause was felt throughout with large visual aids reinforcing the importance of sports and challenges children face with access to sports.

We were initially approached by the charity as they were preparing for their launch and tasked with producing a video that educated the viewer on the importance of sports in different people’s lives, the limitations countless kids face when it comes to access to sports, and the work that Caris is doing to help eradicate those systemic problems. The video includes interviews with Donovan McNabb as well as other former and current pro athletes, club sports coaches, and academics on the importance of sports and in children’s lives.