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Over Easy

Over Easy is a chain of family-friendly breakfast restaurants with 10 locations nationwide, eight of which are in the Valley. Founded in 2008 by renowned celebrity Chef Aaron May, this delectable eatery is widely considered one of the best places for breakfast in the state and has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and several other popular Food Network shows. The restaurant has a lively, inviting atmosphere and a brightly colored aesthetic, things we definitely wanted to capture when we were hired to take over management of their social media and photography. With such a clear brand identity already in place, the key was to make sure that identity was reflected in the photography.

That meant bright, colorful, higher-contrast photos featuring family and friends enjoying Over Easy’s many inventive comfort dishes, with the food front and center. When it came to social media, we wanted to make sure their aesthetic was coming across loud and clear and to engage their audience by consistently showcasing their tasty food, the fun experience of dining there and reminding them of the quality of service Over Easy provides. Creating a stronger sense of community and fostering a deeper connection with their following was paramount to us.

We have been very pleased with the service and growth they provide to our brand.

Brian Terpay
Owner, Over Easy